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Jacqueline Abrams

The Writing Center - Coach

 Jacqueline Abrams received a Ph.D in Comparative Literature from Emory University, an M.A. in Humanities from NYU, and a B.A. in Philosophy from UC Santa Cruz. Over the last decade, Jacqueline has taught writing, literature and philosophy classes to undergraduates at various universities. In addition to her academic career, she is both a creative writer and copywriter for web and print. One of her passions is travel, and she has lived abroad for many years, particularly in Italy, where she went to the University of Bologna and in Berlin, Germany where she recently completed a one-year writing grant. When she is not working, Jacqueline dances hip-hop and Cuban salsa, and used to live in Bahia, Brazil where she studied and performed Brazilian samba.

Carol Adler

The Writing Center - Coach

Carol Adler is an enthusiastic teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching children in both public and private schools in California and New York City. She graduated with honors from UCSB with a B.A. in Communication Studies and received her teaching credential from U.C. Berkeley. Her love of learning led her to continue her education at UCLA with the California Reading and Literature Project and the South Coast Writing Project at CSULB. One of her favorite teaching experiences was a small group reading/writing workshop that she led in her home. She enjoyed being able to give focused, individual attention to her students. In her spare time, Carol loves to bike ride, cook, visit art museums and take trips to Mammoth with her husband and two children.


Josh Stein-Sapir

The Writing Center - Coach

Josh Stein-Sapir graduated from Columbia University with honors, earning a B.A. in English.  He is a published author whose work has appeared in New York Moves magazine and whose poetry has received several awards of distinction from poetry.com. Josh is also an experienced editor of novels, screenplays and advertising copy. As a teacher, Josh has coached students with college essays, term papers and general writing skills.

Henry Sutro

Henry Sutro, Coach, The Writing Center

Henry Sutro grew up in a family of story tellers and received his B.A. in English from Ithaca College, “a long time ago,” while studying to be a singer. After a twenty year career in which he toured and recorded, he settled down to teach English in the Los Angeles area and raise his sons, Charlie and Dylan, who have just started middle school. He has helped kids of all ages discover the joy of writing -- from young children to high school students. As a teacher and writing coach, Henry emphasizes the fun of allowing one's imagination to run wild. In this way, his students learn that the process of telling a story is not as daunting as most people think.